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Deltek Vision: The secret sauce of high-growth AEC and professional services firms

Project-based ERP to help you manage the entire project lifecycle and increase profitability


if you want your people to spend more time serving clients than deciphering software. That means you need your systems to match your internal processes and to give you strategic insights so you can make smarter decisions. That’s what we do for clients, we put the focus on our client's needs and have created a series of solutions utilizing the Deltek Vision Xtend API functionality to connect more and do more.

These are just a few possibilities for making Deltek Vision smarter for you:

  • Add User-Defined Fields and Info Centers
  • Tailored & Customised Reports
  • Custom Workflows & Solution
  • Inactivate Promo Projects
  • Project Folder creation with securites
  • Project Marketing
  • Copy Plan % Complete to Project % Complete
  • Revenue from Project

Isn’t It Time to Make Vision More Compatible with Your Internal Processes?

If you’d like help tailoring Deltek Vision to meet your business needs, contact us.


We enable your organisation to become independently data-driven, with an acute focus on business success. To help you achieve this, we provide you with self-service analytics solutions using a structured agile approach and our proven success framework.

BITECHSOL Business Intelligence solutions will help you and your colleagues to visualize, analyze, and share complex data at the right time, accurately and consistently within the entire organization. BI allows you to transform your data into meaningful, useful information so you can make smarter decisions.

Income statement Report Developed using Power BI

Transform your data and get better insights

Do you find Data / BI reporting too challenging in your current environment? , contact us.


Whether you need data integration from Newforma® Project Center, OpenAsset , Zendesk, BIM 360 or other key business softwares like HR, Ticketing System. We can seamlessly integrate the data into Deltek Vision® using Vision API's to make you more productive.

Integration to popular HR solutions such as HR.Net, Sage so that all your employee information is combined to eliminate duplicate data entry.

When you need data integrated between Detlek Vision or DPS with other third-party business systems, Contact us using our contact form.


If you are looking for implementation team to configure or upgrade your new system, Our implementation experts can go an extra mile for you.

We take great care in understanding your business and your desired results.

How Do We Do It?

Our team of consultants help you transform your processes to get the most out of your software.

Some highlights

  • Business Analysis
  • Design & Development
  • Reporting & Training
  • Install & Configure

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