Deltek Vision Custom Modules

BITECHSOL has developed a number of Deltek Vision Custom Modules that solve frim's business problems easily

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Deltek Vision Integration app for BIM360

Deltek Vision Integration app (executable) synchronize Deltek Vision Projects within BIM360. It reduces your Admin tasks and automatically create projects, project admin, project Team members, external partners and partner team members along with project folders on BIM 360 project providing one single point of reference for Project Administration.

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Deltek Vision Project AutoFolder Module

Project AutoFolder Module automatically creates your Projects directory structure each time a new project is created in Deltek Vision. You can configure rules for location, naming, folder structures along with default files , user or group permision.

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Deltek Vision Integration with HR System

Integrate your HR System with Deltek Vision and bring in your Employees information under Employee Infocenter and their approved leaves from your HR System to Deltek Vision Timesheet & Resource Planning. No more hasstle for Admin/Finance dept to chase the staff and fill in their timesheets who are on leave and forget to fill.

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